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Resident's Quick Fixes




This page contains videos and other resource links to assist you with "quick fix" items. They're helpful in the case of a broken water pipe, if you experience partial or complete power outages, and simple repairs. Please note that all of these videos have been produced by others and are to be used as a guide only. DO NOT contact any vendor that may have produced a video.



  • Garbage Disposal - How to reset a garbage disposal - View



  • How to reset a tripped GFCI outlet and circuit breaker - View
  • If you're entire home is without power and resetting the main breaker doesn't restore the power, Click Here to view PG&E's current power outages.




If you smell natural gas, leave the area immediately and call 9-1-1 and PG&E at 1-800-743-5000

  • How to turn the gas off to your home - View
  • See a photo of the common PG&E gas meter found in a Fresno Area home. View

Garage Doors

  • How to adjust your garage door safety sensors. View
  • How to replace the battery in your garage door remote control. View

Heating & Air Conditioning


  • How to replace your heating & air conditioning filter. View
  • Thermostats - The easiest way to learn how to program your programmable thermostat is to type the manufacture's name and model into your internet browser. You'll not only find written instructions, but likely find short videos, too. Here's a video from The Home Depot® with general information about programming thermostats - View.


Plumbing & Sewer Drains


  • Shutting Off The Main Water Valve. Closing this valve will shut off the water supply to your home and irrigation system. View
  • Angle stop (water supply valve) - Shutting off one of these valves will shut off water to a faucet or toilet (leaving water on at the rest of your home). View
  • How to clean out a faucet aerator and restore water pressure. View
  • How to plunge a sink and toilet. View

Roof Leaks


  • "What am I supposed to do if my ceiling is sagging and water is dripping?"
    • If it's raining and your ceiling has started to sag, your roof is leaking and the ceiling is on its way to collapsing. The water is accumulating and needs some place to go. Get a large bucket and put it on the floor under the sagging ceiling. Then take a large nail or similar object and puncture a hole into the ceiling. The water will begin draining from the hole. Be sure to place the bucket in a position where it can receive the water. This will relieve the pressure and should avoid a ceiling collapse. Contact our office to report the incident so we can schedule the roof repair.

Safety Alarms

  • How to test a carbon monoxide alarm. View
  • How to replace the battery in a carbon monoxide alarm. View
  • How to test your smoke alarm. View
  • How to replace your smoke alarm battery. View


Sprinkler Systems


Sprinkler Timers - How to program / reset your watering timer. View

  • Here are some helpful videos of some of the more popular sprinkler timers and how to program them:   Toro       Orbit       Rainbird
  • Need more help? Contact the City of Fresno (if your home is located in Fresno). They'll set up a time for a watering specialist to visit your home and show you how to operate your sprinkler timer. Just call (559) 621-5300.
  • City of Fresno's Watering Schedule - View


Contact our office if one of the quick-fixes above doesn't resolve your issue


if you're not comfortable performing the quick-fix items.


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